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What We Do

CompleMentor provides a unique, personalized and customized journey focusing on personal growth and professional development. Utilizing our CompleMentor Life-Action Grid, we work with individuals, leaders, teams and organizations across the nation to help them get better in life and leadership. Clients are experiencing positive results and successful outcomes – as evidenced in our high retention rates. The CompleMentor journey can be done in person and/or remotely. We help the best get better.

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We’re glad to offer this overview of our LIFT Model, created and developed by Monty L. Hipp and Brandi C. Summers Dorsett (Co- Owners of CompleMentor) as your free resource. The LIFT Model is a philosophy and strategy with universal application for individuals and organizations seeking to support and develop people.The LIFT Model provides solutions to needed areas of encouragement, growth, and bolstering leadership development.

Brandi’s mission is: To live with joy, gratefulness and thoughtful perspective, fostering a generosity and intentionality that emboldens others to win.
Monty’s mission is: To model a focused and intentional pursuit of truth, with excellence and creativity, that inspires others towards positive life action.

Who We Are

Brandi, known as velvet-steel, is a high capacity executive leader providing profound insights and solutions that produces immediate results.
Monty, known as a world-class communicator and creative strategist, knows how to put the big picture into a small frame, bringing about transformational change.
Together, their training and speaking approach is unmatched and provides a powerful model for individuals and teams. Monty and Brandi are often referred to as the dynamic duo.

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Want to gain maximum insight and ideas – in a short amount of time? Then Substance in a Soundbyte is for you!

This podcast will provide you and your team insightful ideas and approaches that you can put into real-time living

today. “Build Tomorrow, Today!” – Monty L. Hipp